ECO Wireless Charging Stand and Speaker

Device Setup and Troubleshooting: ECO Wireless Charging Stand and Speaker



Charging the Speaker

A full charge is approximately 3 hours and will play continuously for 8 hours. Connect the speaker to the USB charging cable to charge. When the LED indicator (4) is RED, the speaker is charging. When the light turns off charging is complete.

Pairing the Speaker:

To pair your make sure the Bluetooth mode on your device is switched on. Switch the power button (3) on to pair the device. After doing so the speaker will be visible in your smartphones Bluetooth list as "SR-ECO-WCSB". Select it to pair with your speaker.

Using the Wireless Charger:

First plug the wireless charger using the included micro USB (5) cable into a USB port or wall adapter. Ensure that your phone is compatible with wireless charging. Place your wireless charging enabled device on the wireless charging surface (1). If your phone doesn't have wireless charging you can connect the USB cable of your phone to one of the USB out ports (6).






Help, my phone won't charge wirelessly.

First, make sure that your phone is compatible with wireless charging. Then, make sure the charging stand is either fully charged or plugged into a power source.

Some phone cases may block the wireless charging. If you have a phone case on your mobile device, remove it. Additionally, magnets sometimes interfere with the charge. If you have a magnetic mount on your device, remove it in order to charge wirelessly.

My speaker won't pair.

If your speaker is not pairing to your device: Turn off Bluetooth on your device. Plug the Eco Wireless Charging Stand and Speaker into a power outlet using the USB port. Once you've ensured that the Stand has power, turn on Bluetooth on your device. On the list of available devices, you should see SR-ECO-WCSB.

If you're still having issues with your device, please fill out our warranty form to see if you are eligible for a replacement.


This product generates radiate radio frequency energy. Please follow instructions according to this manual to prevent from harmful interference to radio communications.

To prevent the smartphone from sliding off from the charging surface avoid using vibration during wireless charging. Do not place other materials, like metal objects, magnets, and magnetic stripe cards, between the mobile device and the wireless charging pad. Check your mobile devices battery percentage using the charging icon displayed on the screen of your phone. When the mobile device is not correctly placed on the charging surface it may not charge properly. If you use the wireless charger in areas with weak area coverage, you may lose your network reception.