RGX LED Light Strip

LED Light Strip Setup and Remote Instructions


1. Increase brightness
2. Decrease brightness
3. Power Off
4. Power On
5. Color Selection
6. Changes color quickly without blending
7. Changes color slowly without blending
8. Changes color while blending transitions
9. Changes color without blending transitions




Peel back the adhesive strip on the back of the LED power strip. Affix to desired surface.

Plug the LED power strip into the connector. [shown below].

Plug the connector into a suitable DC 12V adapter.



When fully assembled and plugged into a power source press the power on button (4) on your remote (C). Use your remote (C) to cycle through the various colors, brightness, and modes. When finished using press the power off button (3) to turn off. 



My LED power strip has no power.

Supply voltage of this product is DC 12V, never connect to DC24V or AC 220V. Never connect two wires directly, as it could cause a short circuit. The connector (B) needs to be connected correctly to the power strip (A) according to the corresponding markings on both items. 

Nope, still not working. 

If the LED strip is not working, please fill out this form to see if you are eligible for a replacement.