RGX LED Mouse Pad

Setup and Troubleshooting for the RGX LED Mousepad



1. Micro USB Cable

2. Micro USB input

3. Mode button

4. RGB LED Edge

5. Mouse Surface




1. Plug the Micro USB (1) end of the provided USB cable into the port (2) on your mouse pad. Plug the other end into a DC 5V/1.5A USB power source. Such as a computer, laptop, or wall adapter.

2. Press and hold the mode button (3) for 3 seconds to activate the LED border, repeat to deactivate. Press the mode button (3) to cycle through colors and mode settings.



My LED light isn't working all around the mousepad.

Check to make sure that the LED is working by pressing the POWER button, and then the MODE button until the mousepad is illuminated at the highest setting. If it doesn't illuminate at all, make sure that the MICRO USB is connected to a working power source. 

Close the lights so you are able to see the LEDs in their intended setting. They should be illuminated all around. 

If it is plugged into a working power source and is still not illuminating at all, please visit our warranty page to fill out a claim and see if you are eligible for a replacement.