Solar Power Bank with LED Lantern

Setup and Troubleshooting for Solar Power Bank 



A. Travel Handle

B. Power Button

C. Power Indicator Lights

D. Solar Panels

E. Micro USB Charging Port

F. USB Power Outlet 1

GLED Lantern Panel

H. Blue LED Soft Light

I. USB Power Outlet 2



Fully charge the power bank with the included charging cable before initial use.

To charge the device using the included charging cable, plug the Micro USB end into the charging port (E) on your device. The LED lights (C) will advance blue to indicate charging and turn off when fully charged. Unplug the device when charging is complete. 

To charge the power bank using the solar panel (D) simply place the device in direct sunlight with the solar panel facing up. The LED light (C) will show green to indicate the device is charging. Note: It can take up to 20 hours to fully charge using this method and it works best if your power bank is not fully depleted.


For safety the device is not designed to use both Micro USB input and USB output simultaneously.

To charge a device using the solar power bank simply plug your charging cable into one of the USB ports (I,F). Plug the other end into whatever device needs charging. The power bank can charge 2 devices at once. 



Tap the power button (B) to display current charge level on the LED indicator lights (C).

Double click the power button (B) to turn on the LED lantern (G). Once on single click the power button (B) to cycle between the brightness levels and emergency strobe. Double click the power button (B) to turn off the light. 

Click and hold the power button (B) to activate the ambient blue light (H). Click and hold again to turn off.



Why is my power bank not charging via solar panel?

If you're experiencing issues charging your power bank via solar panel, it might be because the battery is completely drained or completely full. The solar panels charge best when the power bank is slightly charged.


My power bank does not charge via solar panel even when it is slightly charged. 

Please make sure that the solar panels are faced upward when attempting to charge. 

If you are still experiencing issues, please visit our warranty page to see if you are eligible for a replacement.