SOAR X HOME Bluetooth Speaker Table

Speaker Table Setup and Troubleshooting Steps


To assemble, screw all four legs gently into the bottom of the table, making sure the legs are secure and tight. 

Plug the provided micro USB cable into the charger. The LED indicator light will turn off when the table is fully charged.


Connecting Your Bluetooth Enabled Device

Begin by pressing the on/off button (1).

Enable bluetooth on your device. In the list of available devices, select TSPS.

An audible tone will alert you to a successful pairing.




Power Button (1) Power ON/ Power OFF
Mode Switch Button (2) Switch modes
Charging port (3) Insert Micro USB to charge the table

Volume Up (short press)

Volume Up  (long press)

Skip Track

Raise volume

Volume Down (short press)

Volume Down (long press)

Previous Track

Lower volume

USB Output Power your device (optional) by plugging the USB into this port. (NOTE: this port will not charge the table.)



Are you having issues with your table?

Contact us or submit a warranty claim so we can get to the bottom of it.