Tech Basic Video Production Kit

Tech Basic Video Production Kit device setup and troubleshooting


LED Ring Light

1. LED Lamp- Used for lighting

2. Smart Phone Mount- Adjust to grip phone firmly

3. Arm- Bend to desired position

4. Tightening screw- adjust angle and tighten

5. Tripod Legs- Open and place on a flat surface.

6. USB Power Cable- Use to connect USB to a power source

7. - Button- Press to reduce brightness

8. Light Mode Button- Press to toggle between white, warm white, and yellow white

9. + Button- Press to increase brightness

10. On/ Off Button- Press to turn light on and off



Remote shutter:

1. LED Indicator light

2. iOS Button

3. Android Button

4. Battery Hatch

5.On/ Off Button




What do I do if my remote is not paired to the ring light?

Turn on your Bluetooth remote shutter by moving the side switch (5) into the “On” position. The LED (1) will flash to indicate pairing mode. Open the Bluetooth® menu in your phone under settings and select “Shutter” from your list. After a few seconds it will say “connected” to indicate successful pairing.


How do I use the remote?

Open the camera application on your device. (Note: If your camera application is not compatible with the remote you can download “Camera 360” from the google play store and use that.) Using the Bluetooth® remote press the corresponding button to take a picture. If using an iPhone press the “Camera 360 iOS” button (2). If using an android press the button that says “android” (3)


How do I clean the ring light?

When necessary, use a soft cloth to clean the LED Ring Light. Do not expose the LED Ring Light to liquid, moisture or humidity. Do not use any abrasive cleaning solvents to clean the LED Ring Light, as this can cause damage.


How do I turn the ring light on?

Connect USB power cable (6) to a USB port or a USB wall charger (not included). Press the On / Off button (10) to turn on the LED Ring light.


Note: Do not expose the LED Ring Light to sharp objects, which may cause damage. Do not expose the LED Ring Light to extremely high or low temperatures. Do not drop the LED Ring Light. Do not attempt to dissemble the LED Ring Light, as this may cause damage to the unit. Do not dispose of the LED Ring Light in a fire.