Waterproof Bluetooth™ Speaker


Press to switch the speaker on and off.

Short press for the next song.

Long press to turn the volume up.

Short press for the next song, long press to turn the volume up. 

Press to pick up or hang up a phone call

(Tip: Press this twice to redial the last phone call).

Press to play or pause the music. 





1. Activate the speaker's pairing mode whilst in power off mode. To do this, press and hold the on/off button for about 6 seconds, until the blue LED light comes on. 

2. Turn on your mobile phone and activate Bluetooth function.

3. Search for available Bluetooth devices.

4. Pair your device with bluetooth.

5. Once your device and speaker have been paired, they will connect automatically the next time they are both switched on and within range (providing the Bluetooth function on your device is activated). 



Why is my device not connecting to the speaker?

Ensure that your speaker is fully charged before initial setup. Charge fully (about 3 hours) and then turn off the speaker for about 10 seconds. 

Then, you may begin setup from step one. 

If the speaker doesn't connect, you can visit our warranty page to fill out a claim