Wheat Fiber Travel Bluetooth Speaker

Wheat Fiber Travel Bluetooth Setup and Troubleshooting


4. + button

Press to raise volume

Press and hold for the next song

5. Power button

 Press to pause/ play music

During an incoming call press to answer. Press again to end call.

During an incoming call press and hold to reject call.

6. - button

Press to lower volume

Press and hold for previous song


Pairing with the Speaker

Turn on the speaker, the blue LED indicator will flash when the speaker is ready to pair. Find and select “SR-ECO-TBS” on your devices Bluetooth pairing list. When pairing is successful, you will hear a tone.


Charging the Speaker

Insert micro USB cable (included) into the micro USB port on the speaker (2). Insert the other end of the USB cable into any USB adapter or your computer's USB port. The LED charging indicator will glow red to indicate the speaker is recharging. And LED light will turn off when fully charged.