RGX Desktop Speakers

RGX Desktop Speakers

SOAR RGX Desktop Speakers [model RGX-SPK1] Setup and Troubleshooting


Product Key:


1. On/ Off, Volume Control                           4. Left Speaker

2. Bass Control                                            5. Subwoofer

3. Treble Control                                           6. Right Speaker

                                 7. LED lights


Controlling your device:

Volume: Turn the Volume Control Dial (1) right to increase volume, and left to decrease volume. Turn the dial all the way left to power off the speaker.


Bass: Turn the Bass Control Dial to the right to increase bass level and left to decrease it.


Treble: Turn the Treble Control Dial to the right to increase treble and to the left to decrease it. 


RBG Light: To activate, turn control dial (1) on, and to deactivate, turn the control dial off. [please note, the RGB light is always ON with the power.]




Connecting to a smartphone or audio device: Plug USB cable into wall adapter or power source. Plug the AUX cable into your device. 

Connecting to a computer: Plug the USB cable into a free USB port, and plug the AUX cable into your computer's output, as shown below. 




My device won't light up with the power ON.

If this happens, please fill out this warranty form to get started on getting you a replacement device. 

How do I plug an aux cable into my device? 

If your device does not have an AUX output on your device, you will need a converter to plug in. For example, this converter will allow you to use your latest Apple product with our speakers. 

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