SOAR Premium Bluetooth™ Wireless Headset with Flex Mic [HMIC]

SOAR Premium Bluetooth™ Wireless Headset with Flex Mic [HMIC]


Premium Bluetooth Wireless Headset with Flex Mic Device Setup and Troubleshooting



A. Next Track / Volume

B. Power On/ Off/ Multifunction Button (MFB)

C. LED indicator light

D. Previous Track/ Volume


Device Controls:

Power On/

Power Off

Power On: Press and hold MFB for 2s

Power Off: Press and hold for MFB 4s

Activate the Bluetooth feature on your mobile phone or smart device and search for 'Bluetooth Headset’ in the pairing list. If a pass code is requested, enter (0000). Once the pairing is successful, the headset LED light will blink Blue
Play/ Pause
When playing music, short press the MFB to pause the music

Raise Volume/

Next Track

Tap the '+ ' button (A) to turn the volume up.

Press and hold '+' (A) for 1s to advance to the next track.

Lower Volume/

Previous Track


Tap the '-' button (D) to turn the volume down.

Press and hold '-' button (D) for 1s to return to the previous track. 

Accept Call/

End Call/



When receiving an incoming call, press the call button once to accept call.

Press again to end call.

Long press the button to reject incoming call.

Double tap to redial the last called number

Voice Assistant
Press and hold for 1s to activate SIRI or other voice assistant.


Device Pairing/ Setup Guide.

1) Turn on your Phone / Smart Device and ensure the Bluetooth® is turned on / activated. 

2) Press and hold the power button for 2-3s to turn on the headset. The LED light will flash Blue and Red alternately indicates that the headset is now enter into Bluetooth pairing mode.

3) On your smart device, open the Bluetooth pairing list and look up for new devices named ‘SOAR AUDIO’.

4) The headset LED light will begin slowly blinks Blue, indicates that the headset is now connected successfully.

Note: If your device asks for a password to connect to the headset, enter “0000” 



The headset has a built-in, rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. To avoid damage, do not attempt to remove the battery. The full performance of the battery is only achieved after a few charging-discharging cycles. Charge the battery fully before use. To do so, follow the steps below:

Connect one end of the included USB charging cable to the charging port on your headset. Then plug the other end of the USB charging cable into a USB port on your computer or a suitable power adapter in order to recharge the internal rechargeable battery.

NOTE: The internal battery of your headset takes approximately 2 hours to charge when completely drained. 

When the battery is charging, the LED indicator light will turn RED and then light off when it is fully charged. Unplug when charging is complete.

NOTE: Overcharging could reduce the life of the battery. A charged battery will lose its capacity if it is not used on a regular basis. 




Why is there no power even when the Headset is turned on?


Ensure the battery has been charged up to 2 hours for initial use.


Why is there is no sound during playback?

Check the connection between the headset and the phone or computer, if the connection is not established, please connect again. Make sure the headset are paired with your Bluetooth® enabled device.

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