SOAR Wireless Stereo Headphones [HP4]



A. Multi-function Button / On / Off 

B. Previous Track / Volume Down

C. Answer Call / Play / Pause 

D. Next Track / Volume Up 

E. Charging Port 

F. Microphone

G. Auxiliary Port

H. LED Indicator Light 


Power On/ Enter Pairing Mode

Press and hold the MFB [A]

Power Off

Press and hold the MFB [A]

Answer or End a Call


Play/ Pause

Press the MFB (A) to answer a phone call and end the call.

Press MFB (A) twice to redial.

Press the MFB (A) to pause music and again to play.

Volume Down/

Previous Track

Press the “V-” button (B) to reduce volume.

Long press the “V-” button (B) to replay previous track

Volume Up/

Next Track

Press the “V+” button (D) to increase volume.

Long press the “V+” button (D) to skip to next track.


Device Setup:

1. Turn on your phone and ensure the Bluetooth® function is activated.

2. Press and hold the Multi-Function button (A) for 3 seconds until the LED indicator light (H) blinks blue and red. 

3. Select “SOAR AUDIO” from the list of available Bluetooth® devices on your phone or other audio player. 


When the LED indicator light (H) flashes blue it means your audio has been paired. 


Once your Bluetooth® headphones are paired to a smart phone or device they will automatically connect when turned on and in range



If your device won't pair, make sure your headphones are fully charged. Turn them off for 10 seconds and turn them back on again. 

Press and hold the MFB for 3 seconds and pair again. 

If the headphones still will not pair, visit our warranty page to get started on a replacement device.