SOAR Premium Portable Wireless Speaker

SOAR Premium Portable Wireless Speaker

Setup and Troubleshooting for [SR-BTS] Models



A. Elastic Lanyard                               E. Next Song/ Increase Volume

B. USB input DC5V                          F. Multifunction Button (MFB)

C. LED Indicator Light                      G. Previous Song/ Decrease Volume

D. Auxiliary Port                                 H. Metallic Speaker Mesh


Raise Volume

Next Song

Press the + button (E) to raise the volume

Press and hold the + button (E) to skip to the next track

Lower Volume

Previous Song

Press the - button (G) to lower the volume

Press and hold the - button (G) to play the previous song. 

Power On/ Off


Press and hold the MFB (F) to turn the speaker on or off

Press the MFB (F) to play or pause your music

Answer/ Hang up During an incoming call, press the MFB once to answer. Press again to hang up.
Ignore Call To reject an incoming call, press and hold the MFB (F) 



Device Setup: 


Turn on the wireless speaker by pressing and holding the multi-function button (F). The LED indicator light (C) will flash blue when in pairing mode


On your bluetooth® device search for “Prime Audio” from the pairing list. When the pairing is successful you will hear a tone. Once paired to a device your speaker will automatically connect when turned on. 



If your device will not pair:

Ensure that your speaker is fully charged. If it is not, charge it overnight to ensure a full charge. 

With the speaker turned off, turn off the Bluetooth on your device as well. After waiting 10 seconds, turn both on and repeat setup steps, above. 

If the speakers do not connect to your device please visit our warranty claim page to see if you are eligible for a replacement.

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