SOAR RGX LED Headphone Stand

SOAR RGX LED Headphone Stand

Device Setup for the RGX LED Phone Stand


1. Headphone Mount
2. Extension Beam
3. Charging Base
4. USB Charging Ports
5. RGB LED Lights
6. Micro USB Cable.
Place the headphone mount (1) on top of the extension beam (2).
Insert the extension beam (2) into the Charging Base (3) as shown below. 


Plug the Micro USB end of the provided cable (6) into the back of the charging base (3). Plug the USB end into your computer or a DC 12V wall adapter.
LED lights will illuminate automatically when plugged into a power source.
Place your headphones on top of the Headphone mount (1). If the headphones are rechargeable plug them into one of the USB charging port.

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