SOAR Sphere Speakers [TWSPK]

SOAR Sphere Speakers [TWSPK]

A- On/ Off [charge indicator light]

B- Micro charging port



Power On: Turn the speakers on by pressing the power button for 3 seconds.

Pressing the power button on either speaker will pause or resume music.

Device Setup and Speaker Pairing


1. Power On- Hold the power button on both speakers for 2-3 seconds to turn on the speakers. The LED will flash quickly.

2. Press the power button on both speakers at the same time.

3. After a few seconds, the two speakers will connect. The main speaker LED indicator will light up while the other speaker indicator will flash quickly. 

4. Open the Bluetooth menu on your mobile phone or other device and search for the name "Prime Audio". When the speakers are paired correctly both speakers will play at the same time. 





Help! My speakers won't pair.

Turn off both speakers and make sure they are both fully charged. Once they are plugged to a power source or are fully charged,  pair them by following the steps above.


Nope, didn't work.

Fill out this warranty claim form to see if you are eligible for a replacement device.   

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