SOAR RGX Black LED Pro Gaming Headphones [HP4]

SOAR RGX Black LED Pro Gaming Headphones [HP4]

Setup and Troubleshooting for the Real Gaming Xperience Pro Gaming Headphones with Mic


1. Adjustable Head Band                  4. RCA Cable

2. Rotating Microphone                5. Volume Dial

3. RGB LED Lights                        6. Comfort Fit Leather Ear Cups


Microphone (2) rotates up into standby mode when not in use.

Turn the Volume Dial (5) up to decrease volume and down to increase it. 



For devices with RCA audio out, plug the green and pink RCA cable ends into their corresponding ports. Plug the USB Power cable into a suitable DC 12V port on the back of your computer or receiver. If it does not have one you can also plug it into a wall adapter with the correct voltage.

For devices with an auxiliary port use the provided RCA adapter. Connect the corresponding RCA colors with their counterpart. Plug the Auxiliary cable into the auxiliary audio port and the USB power cable into a USB port or wall adapter.

Note: USB cable powers the LED. Audio will function without using the USB power cable.

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