SOAR DJ Premium Wireless Stereo Headphones

Setup and Troubleshooting for SOAR DJ Premium Wireless Stereo Headphones




Answer Call

End Call

Ignore Call

During an incoming call, press once to answer

During a call, press once to end call.

During an incoming call, hold button to ignore


Decrease Volume

Next Song

Skip Two Songs

Click and hold button to decrease volume

Tap button to skip to the next song

Tap twice to skip forward two songs.


Increase Volume

Restart Song

Previous Song

Click and hold button to increase button

Tap button once to replay song

Double tap to go to the previous song




Click and hold to turn on and connect;

When ON, click and hold to power off.

Tap to play; when playing, tap to pause.

Setup and Pairing

1. Click and hold the power button (D). The indicator light will flash green and blue to show that it is in pairing mode.

2. While in pairing mode turn the bluetooth on in your desired device. Look for “Prime Audio” under the list of available devices and select it. The headphones will give an audio prompt and the indicator light will be blue when the device is successfully paired.



To recharge your headphones plug the provided Micro USB cable into the Micro USB port (E.) on the side of the headset. Connect the other end of the cable to any USB power source. The LED indicator will glow red while the headphones are charging. When fully charged the LED will turn on.


To use a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable: Plug one side into the headphones AUX port (F.). Plug the other side into your device.This allows your headphones to operate with non-bluetooth devices.



Help! My bluetooth enabled device won't connect to the headphones!

First, ensure that your headphones are fully charged. 

Next, make sure your there is no Aux cable plugged into the headphones. If there are, remove them.

Turn your headphones and bluetooth on your device off for ten (10) seconds. Turn  them back on and repeat setup instructions. 


When I select "Prime Audio," my device asks for a password.

If your device is asking for a password, enter 0000.


My device won't connect even after troubleshooting.

If your device won't work even after troubleshooting, fill out this warranty form to see if you are eligible for a replacement.

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