Wheat Fiber Bluetooth Speaker

Wheat Fiber Bluetooth Speaker

Wheat Fiber Bluetooth Speaker Setup and Troubleshooting


1. LED Indicator Light

2. Answer / End Call - Press to answer an incoming call and again to end the call. Hold the button to reject a call.

3. Volume Down / Previous Track-  Press to decrease volume. Hold to play previous track.

4. Volume Up / Next Track- Press to increase volume. Hold to skip track.

5. Play / Pause- Press to pause your track. Press again to resume.

6. ON / OFF Power- Button Hold to turn the speaker on and off.

7. Micro USB Charging Port

8. Charging Indicator Light

9. AUX Audio Input


Charging your Speaker:

Using the provided cable insert the Micro USB plug into the charging port on your speaker (7). Insert the USB cables standard USB plug into the USB port of a computer or suitable USB charging adapter. The charging indicator light (8) will be red when your speaker is charging and turn off when completed. Charging takes about 2-3 hours when battery is fully drained. Remove the charging cable once charging is complete. Overcharging could reduce the life of the battery.

Pairing your Speakers:

Press and hold the Power Button (6) to turn the speaker on. The Bluetooth Status Light (1) will rapidly flash blue to indicate that your speaker is in pairing mode.

Make sure that the Bluetooth function on your device is active. Go to the available Bluetooth device list on your phone and select “SR-ECO-BTS.” When successfully paired the speaker will emit a tone.


Note: The speaker will switch automatically to AUX mode when a cable is inserted.

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