XL Bluetooth™ Speaker

XL Bluetooth™ Speaker

BTXL Speaker Device Setup and Troubleshooting

*Note: Fully charge the speaker before initial setup. A red light will indicate the charging situation. When battery is full, the red light will turn off automatically. 


Speaker Setup:


1. Turn your Bluetooth speaker ON by sliding the power switch located on the back side of the speaker to ‘ON’ position.

2. The blue indicator light will flash quickly. This indicates that the speaker in pairing mode and searching for your Bluetooth device.

3. Turn on the Bluetooth function on your device, search the speaker named “Prime Sports” and select it, your device will pair without password. (If required, enter the password “0000” to finalize the paring).

4. The Blue light will begin to flash slowly after pair is complete. • Start playing music on your device. Keep your device within 33feet (10 meters) of your speaker. • Adjust the volume of your device to a comfortable level.

*Turn off speaker when not in use.



The bluetooth connection is bad.

This happens when the battery is getting too low. This is the device letting you know that it's time for a recharge!

My device won't pair.

If your device won't pair on initial setup, ensure that the speaker is fully charged. After it is fully charged, turn off the speaker for 10 seconds. Turn it on again and begin setup from step one. 

If you're still having difficulty with the device, please fill out this warranty claim to see if you are eligible for a replacement. 


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