Shockbox LED Bluetooth™ Wireless Speaker

Shockbox LED Bluetooth™ Wireless Speaker

Setup for SOAR Shockbox LED Bluetooth Wireless Speaker




A. Travel Handle                             E. Power Switch

B. Full Range Speaker                    F. Charging Indicator

C. RGB LED Light                        G. Micro USB Port

D. Non-Slip Grips                        H. Pairing Indicator 


Setup/ Pairing

1. Turn on your Shockbox by sliding the power switch (E), located on the back of the speaker, to the “ON” position.

2. The blue indicator light (H) will flash quickly. This shows the speaker is in pairing mode and searching for your Bluetooth device.

3. Turn on the Bluetooth function on your device, then search for the list of available devices for “Prime Audio”. Select it and your device will pair without password. If a password is required enter “0000”. The blue indicator light will begin to flash slowly when a successful pair is completed.

4. Once successfully paired your device will automatically pair with the speaker when turned on. 


The LED Bluetooth™ Shockbox works on an internal rechargeable Lithium Battery. Please fully charge your speaker before initial use.

 To charge the battery use the included Micro USB cable. Insert the Micro USB end into the charging port (G) on the back of the product. Then plug the USB end into a computer port or wall charging adapter. 

The charging indicator light (F) will glow red when connected and charging. When the battery is full the red light will turn off. Disconnect the speaker when fully charged. 



If your device is not pairing, turn off the Shockbox speaker and ensure that it is fully charged.

Once it is fully charged, turn the Bluetooth on your device off for 10 seconds and turn it back on. Repeat setup instructions.

If you still have trouble pairing your device, please visit our warranty page to complete a claim.

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